KEJARA System is an acronym for Demerit Points System for Traffic Offences. It is a system that assigns demerit points to drivers who violate the Road Transport Act 1987 and its rules.

OffencesDemerit points for personal transportDemerit points for goods and bus transport
Driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotics1010
Driving with a blood alcohol level beyond the set limit1010
Reckless and dangerous driving1010
Failure to provide breath specimen when directed1010
Failure to provide breath, urine or blood specimen when directed1010
Carrying dangerous or potentially dangerous loadsn/a10
Carrying loads that extend beyond the body of the vehiclen/a10
Carrying an improperly secured loadn/a10
Carrying a load using an unsuitable transportern/a10
Failure to obey a police officer, road official or traffic warden's instructions45
Failure to observe a red light46
Failure to observe a stop sign46
Speeding: More than 40kph over limit46
Speeding: Between 25kph and 40kph over limit35
Speeding: Between 1kph and 25kph over limit24
Using a goods transporter as a people carriern/a6
Improper use of emergency lane46
Overtaking on the left46
Failure to yield35
Using a telephone or electronic device while driving35
Operating a goods transporter on the rightmost lanen/a4
Failure to wear a safety belt33
Riding without an approved safety helmet22

Drivers who violate the traffic rules will receive demerit points based on their offences:

StageAction: Competent Driver's License (CDL)Action: Provisional Driving License (PDL)
The first 20 pointsWarningRevoked
The next 20 pointsLicense suspended 6 -8 months-
The next 20 pointsLicense suspended 8 - 10 months-
The next 20 pointsLicense suspended 10 - 12 months-